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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Get free Windows 10 copy on July 29, but you can reserve it now

Microsoft has officially announced the launch date of Windows 10. It will be released on 29 July, and all the windows users will be able to upgrade the OS for free. You can reserve the free copy now, and your system will automatically download  the update on July 29th. The upgrade to Windows 10 is completely free, and it will be the full version of Windows 10 (not trial or Preview). Initial release will be available for Tablets and PCs, and you will see a notification on your system that will be the key to reserve the free copy.
How can I reserve the free copy of Windows 10?
  • Click on the Windows icon that you see at the right hand side on the Taskbar
  • It will open a new windows, and you need to click on “Reserve your free upgrade”
  • You can enter your email address if you want to receive the confirmation that you have reserved your Windows 10 free upgrade
  • After the reservation, you need to wait. Once Windows 10 is released, you will be notified. Your system will download the Windows 10 in local storage, and then you can upgrade for free. You can cancel the reserve upgrade anytime you want
Who is eligible for Windows 10 free upgrade?
  • Any one who has a genuine copy of Windows 7 onwards. If you are using a pirated version of Windows OS, forget about the free copy.
  • Anyone who buy a new Windows PC can also upgrade for free
  • If you have multiple devices, you can upgrade all of them
Why my system doesn’t show the Windows 10 upgrade notification?
You need to have Windows 7 with Service pack 1, or updated Windows 8.1 OS. Automatic update should be turned on. If this is not the case, turn on the automatic update, update your system, and you will see the notification for sure.
What if I don’t reserve Windows 10 Upgrade, can I still get it?
Yes, Windows 10 free upgrade will be available for 1 year from its release date. Thereafter, you need to pay for it. Microsoft has not said anything about its pricing.

Microsoft has announced that this is the biggest upgrade in Windows’ history, and Microsoft has no intention to release such upgrade in future. This is why it was said that Windows 10 could be the last version of Windows OS. So get the free copy, and enjoy Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with so many features, like Cortana is revolution in Windows world, but Microsoft will make Cortana available for Android and iOS as well. Microsoft also bringing brand new Microsoft Edge internet browser to remove the pain of Internet Explorer usage that frustrated its users more than enough. Some features on Windows 10 are hardware specific, so you may not get all the features in each and every PC/Laptop/Tablet.
If you have more questions about Windows 10 Upgrade or Reserve VisitMicrosoft’s Windows 10 FAQ Page

Why does restarting computer fix so many problems?

Whenever you encounter a problem with your computer, the first thing you do to troubleshoot is restarting it. The restart button of your computer is oft times the ultimate solution to any problem.
The fact that no one ever mentions the significance of a reboot is its uncertainty. Still, rebooting your computer forces the software to stop and start again, solving many issues in the process and thus recommended as a first aid for any device issue.
Below-mentioned are the reasons stating that how rebooting your computer fixes most of the problems:

Why Rebooting is a Good Idea

  • If your computer freezes, rebooting could “unfreeze it.” However, it is believed that rebooting causes you to lose data. The reality is that when the computer is frozen your work automatically gets saved. So, rebooting is not going to make any changes to your data.
  • At times Windows OS stops, showing the blue screen of death which is caused due to problem within a hardware driver or a hardware malfunction. When Windows reach such a state where it is not able to figure out any recovery means, it halts displaying the blue-screen of death. After that, your system automatically gets restarted.
  • A fully occupied RAM could be the basis of memory leak creating extra substitute files on the hard drive but less efficient, “RAM.” A PC reboot gives a fresh start to your RAM by resetting the memory. This effectively helps in cleaning up of memory leaks.
  • If you encounter any problem with your Wi-Fi or Internet connection, the software on your router or modem might have come across an issue. Restarting the router is a common solution for connection problems.
  • When you restart your computer, it performs a series of diagnostic checks and often resolves the issues problems automatically.
Therefore if your computer is acting strange, rebooting usually fixes the problem. However, there are some issues which solely cannot be fixed by reboot but, it should be above every other measure which is being performed for troubleshooting the computing issues.

Simple Tips on How to Free Disk Space

Uninstall the program you don’t Use

You should remove any of the programs that you have not run for some time. You can select from a list of installed programs, sorted out by size and date. However, before you remove any file check if the is a program that will be required OS you use to run.
To remove such files and folders, follow these simple steps.
  •  Click on START > Settings > Control Panel
  • Select Add/Remove Programs
Run Disk Cleanup
Inbuilt tool to delete temporary files and unimportant data are included in Windows. To use this program, you need to follow this simple step.
  • Click right on the hard drive> select Properties.
  • Click on Disk Clean Up.
  • Select on the type of files you want to remove.
  • Click OK.
The programs you can remove include temporary files, log files and other files. You can also remove unimportant files including files of recycle bin.

Remove the Duplicate Files
Duplicate files take-up most of the space; clean up disk space to create extra space in your system.
Mac, Windows and Linux OS users can use the Duplicate File Searcher to track the files that have been downloaded more than once.
Duplicate Commander can also be used by users of Windows OS.

Check the disk space
With hard disk analysis software, you can check the files that are consuming the space of your hard drive. The analysis application will scan the hard drive of your system and display the location of files and folders consuming maximum space.

System Restore
System restore often do not has the same effect as desired and can take up extra space. Moreover, only Windows files are restored by System Restore. So think before you click on the system restore.
Following the above mentioned tips by cleaning up disk space you will be rewarded with space for new updates and downloads on your computer. 

How to Use Electronic devices at night time and not let them affect your Health?

A lot of scientists have done research on the sleeping criteria of the modern people and found that using electronic devices late night have an ill-effect on the health. Even late night reading on e-readers is not good for health. As per the Harvard Medical School that conducted an experimental study, such practices could result in REM (Rapid Eye Movement).
It doesn’t mean that you should throw the electronic devices in the backyard before going to sleep. Just follow these tricks and guard the health:

Limit your electronics time at night

During the night, always avoid using electronics. While the above are aids to help you get a good night’s sleep even with your favorite gadgets all around you, the trick is to allot yourself time for your electronics sessions and religiously follow them.

Practice meditation

In the morning, always do meditation. Doing it regularly keep the mind relaxed and cleans the body spiritually and mentally. There is no need to follow a strict routine to do it daily for one or half an hour, but do it regularly (for at least 10 to 15 minutes at least). Also, if you don’t get the time to do it in the morning, then you can do it in the office too. Sit in a corner and then relax. Relaxing also keeps anxiety and stress away.

Wear amber-lensed goggles

Thanks to the modern technology that there are so many things that can help in relaxing. Wear amber-lensed goggles as it limits the blue light exposure to the eyes. Melatonin shades are effective too as well as affordable. Always switch on the electronic devices after wearing the goggles. Otherwise, you will end up stressed and frustrated.
Have a daily timetable to finish all the work before you go to sleep. Following this will help in relaxing the mind so that it can become active for the coming day. If possible, say no to the electronics during night. Sleeping is a regular process that recharges the body for next day. If anything interrupts in between, then it will automatically kill your productivity for the next day.
Sleep should be something that can actually relax your body, mind and spirits and prepare to handle stress the next day. So, get yourself ready to welcome these tools into your daily life and make the most of these.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Android Lollipop for PC and Mobiles

Android Lollipop for PC  Download

Android Lollipop.tgz       Download

Making Money Online 2015

Methods of Making Money Online

1. Blogging
Blogging is a nice way to make free money.
Blogging is a nice way to make free money.
Obviously, this was going to be the first on my list (I am also a professional blogger after all!). Professional blogging is one of the best known method of getting income from computer based jobs. We all arrive at blogs while surfing and we see advertisements on many blogs. So, we can easily know that the owner of that blog is earning some amount of money from writing the blog content.
There are a number of good and free blog sites where you can easily setup your blog. After setup, you should write about things that really interest you. Once your blog is adequately settled (let’s say when it begins to receive 100 visitors a day), then you should put online ads on it. You can use Google AdSense for getting ads (like I do on TechWelkin) or you can use ad service provided by other networks like Yahoo! also provides its own ads.
By the way, did you know that Google makes 95% of its revenue from advertisement? Bloggers get share from this revenue if they publish Google ads on their blogs. I keep on writing articles about how to become a successful blogger. You should keep an eye on these articles.
Skills required for professional blogging: Good command on language, ability to write in an interesting way, familiarity with basic coding and other technical stuff like SEO.
2. Design Themes
Design themes for platforms like WordPress and Blogger.
Design themes for platforms like WordPress and Blogger.
All websites and blogs require a “theme” (also called template or skin) which dictates how the site looks like. For example, TechWelkin theme is based on Genesis Framework and I have designed it myself.
You can also become a theme designer if you have good sense of design and other required skills. Once a theme is done, you can sell it on theme stores or you can setup your own website through which people can buy your themes. Designing themes for platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal etc. is a lucrative business. You can earn decently income from this profession.
Skills required: Web design sense, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, knowledge of the target platform.
3. Teach Online
You can impart knowledge and be a teacher on Internet.
You can impart knowledge and be a teacher on Internet.
Yes! you can be an online teacher. And the great thing about it is that you can teach virtually anything. So, whatever is your skill and expertise —you will be able to offer lessons to perspective students.
SkillsShare is one such service which allows you to be an online teacher. After registering, you can create courses (classes) on whatever subject you know. It could range anything from cooking to mathematics to engineering to designing to languages to whatever!
There is another similar service called Udemy. On these websites you basically sell your courses to earn money from online teaching service. You get paid when a student takes the online course developed by you.
Skills required: expertise in subject on which you’re offering course. Knowledge of Photoshop and making videos is also useful as these things can make your course more interesting and easy to understand.
4. Become an Online Author
Writing and publishing e-books can bring you loads of money!
Writing and publishing e-books can bring you loads of money!
If you have a story to tell or if you want to share your expertise in the form of a book, well then, go ahead and write a book! What better could be there than writing a book! You don’t need traditional pen and paper. Become a completely tech-savvy author.Use MS-Word to write your book. Once the book is ready, you don’t even need a publisher! You can self-publish and sell e-book versions through platoforms like Amazon’s Kindle, Google Play Store and Apple’s app store (iBooks). If you’re in India, Flipkart,Infibeam etc. are also great choices. You can sell both e-books or printed books.
Also there are online services like Lulu where you can order print copies of your book. Buyers will be able to purchase print copies right from there or you can put print copies on sale through Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. is an Indian venture that can print self-published books.
NOTE: If you have only little time, you can also find Small Micro Jobs
5. Sell Designer Merchandise
You can sell personalized designer items online to earn money.
You can sell personalized designer items online to earn money.
Can you draw well enough? Have you ever thought that even your drawing (or even doodling) can help you make free money online?
You can print designs, drawings or photos created by you on items like coffee cups, t-shirts, bags etc. and then sell them. A friend of mine is pretty good at making designs. She created her own zazzle online shop and began to sell stuff. Here is how it works:
  • Create your design and fine-tune it
  • Register at and create your own shop (it’s very easy!)
  • Zazzle has merchandise items like cups, cards, t-shirts etc.
  • Customer comes to your online shop. He selects a design from your catalog and then selects a merchandise item. Customer then places order to get the item with your design on it.
  • Zazzle prints your design on selected item and send it to customer.
  • You get your share from the money earned by Zazzle.
Besides Zazzle, CafePress and Threadless services are also good options for minting online income!
6. Become Video Publisher through YouTube Channel
YouTube pays well for the monetized videos. Create interesting videos to make money from Internet.
YouTube pays well for the monetized videos. Create interesting videos to make money from Internet.
I am sure you have watched more than one videos on YouTube. All internet users have! It is after all the world’s largest video sharing service. But now enough of just watching. Create your own videos and share them with the world. What’s more, you can earn money from these videos!
You can shoot small (or big!) video clips using mobile phone, handycam or professional video camera. Or you can make videos from pictures using your computer. OR you can create animated videos and tutorials. Once your video is ready, upload it on YouTube and monetize it. YouTube will show ads along with your video and share revenue with you.
A lot of people have earned great amount of money through this online work. Most of it is home-based job —but you may need to venture outside to shoot videos.
Skills required: Know how of shooting and editing videos.

The Top 05 PC Games to Buy in 2015

Grand Theft Auto V

We’ve been forced to wait over a year for it to arrive, but now Grand Theft Auto V is here on PC we've got the best version possible: huge resolution textures, heavier traffic, more wildlife to hunt, a first-person view, and framerates that don't bog you down. GTA’s satirical Los Angeles is huge, and it looks phenomenal on PC. 
It’s also a great game too, perhaps the best GTA Rockstar have made. Three distinctly different protagonists that you can swap between at any point drive the action, and the missions on offer never fail to entertain. And then there’s GTA Online that will become your weekend multiplayer go-to; a sandbox to get together with friends in and run amok, rob every bank in the state, and buy a sweet penthouse. 

Star Wars: Battlefront

We all got a little sad when Star Wars: Battlefront III was cancelled, but Battlefield developer DICE has taken on the series to bring us a reboot that should bring a smile back to our faces. So far the development process has been kept a tight secret, but the trailer shows a stunningly photo-realistic recreation of Star Wars’ most iconic locations. DICE are already masters at combined arms warfare, so the mix of giant walkers, hurtling speeders, and on-foot troopers should be in good hands.

Chaos Reborn

Xcom creator Julian Gollop’s latest game is a deeply tactical turn-based multiplayer game that throws in a dash of RNG for good measure. Every player (up to four) takes control of a wizard who, while a little puny, is able to summon in magical creatures to fight his battles for him. The game ends when there's only one wizard remaining.
While a simple concept, there’s an element of chance that keeps every player on edge: attacks are handled on a percentage roll and summonings have the chance to fail, so you’ll have your fingers crossed with almost every action

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady are back behind the wheel of the Arkham series this year, and they’re rolling out the big guns. No, not Batman’s impressive arms, but his Lamborghini-come-tank personal transporter, the Batmobile. With the streets of Gotham city finally opened up, the Arkham series’ staple of swift, fluid combat now comes packaged with destructive car chases. 
The Joker is also absent from proceedings due to the events of Arkham City, which means that Rocksteady have to get inventive when it comes to a new antagonist. Whilst there will be plenty of the Dark Knight’s expansive rogues gallery involved, the central villain is the Arkham Knight, a techno mirror-image of Batman with an equally tight-lipped approach to identity. With a bit of luck, the Arkham Knight mystery will be one to rival the Bat’s greatest cases. 

Mad Max

Finally an official Road Warrior game is on its way thanks to Just Cause developers Avalanche. There’s been very little of the game shown so far, but expect Mad Max to offer up an open-world that expands the films’ universe, with vehicular carnage being the main element of the game. 
With the Just Cause guys pulling the strings, you already know that the Mad Max films’ sense of violent insanity will be transferred wholesale into the game. 
  Mad Max

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

For once in its life, Metal Gear Solid is treating the PC like a first class citizen and coming to the platform in a timely fashion. Built on the fancy new FOX engine, MGS5 is a huge leap for the series, featuring expansive, open-ended levels that allow players to pick their approach to objectives and freely play about with the game’s systems. From using a horse as moving concealment to attaching a sky-lift parachute to enemies you need to quickly move out the way, Snake has a plethora of toys available to him that both fulfil tactical needs and the level of idiosyncrasies expected from MGS creator Hideo Kojima.